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Masonry REstoration

Let us restore the look and stability of your property

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As specialists in restoration, preservation, and maintenance of exterior and interior masonry surfaces, we offer full assessment and repairs.



You want your business to shine and stand strong with outstanding masonry construction, repair, and restoration. Call Cities Masonry Restoration for your masonry needs.


Our mission is to be your first choice for chimney repair needs. We deliver products and services of outstanding quality at a competitive cost to ensure complete satisfaction.


We specialize in residential and commercial stucco repairs and new installation. We service the entire metro area and the midwest.



Stone, slate, brick...these materials can greatly enhance the beauty of your home and provide years of enjoyment in the form of stone walkways, paver stone patios, brick walls and stone facades.



A typical mortar joint should last at least 25 years before requiring any repairs. However, its lifespan depends on the mortar mix itself and the property’s geographical location/weather conditions.


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